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  • 4 tips for using delegating to strengthen your career (and your team)

    09/25/2014 – Mari Holman

    Afraid of delegating? Here are tips and advice for doing it well.

  • How to drive sales by staying organized

    09/24/2014 – Lauren Weiss

    How many times has one forgotten to follow up with an interested client and lost a potential sale?

  • How to build longer, stronger client relationships

    09/24/2014 – Kate Buhr

    An essential key element to any successful businessperson is the ability to establish strong client relationships. No matter what product or service is being offered, having a mutual level of trust and respect drives the working environment. Obtaining an honorable people-network can be accomplished through honesty and reliability, maintaining an open mind, contributing and sharing knowledge, and upholding punctual habits.

  • Working Smart: The Best Way to Work Hard

    09/22/2014 – Ian Coppock

    The phrase “work smart, not hard” is a dichotomy rooted in finding some magical way to cheat hard work. Working smart and working hard should not be approached as separate options, but as an intertwined way to find success. The value of effort should never be underestimated.

  • The sale is just the beginning – keys to gaining repeat business

    09/15/2014 – Mari Holman

    In countless business transactions across America customers feel the dreaded buyers’ remorse – that annoying, demoralizing and stomach-turning feeling one may get after making a large purchase.

  • Email: The language of professionalism

    09/12/2014 – Ian Coppock

    Oftentimes, a badly worded email can be as detrimental as a poor resume or an awkward cover letter. According to expert business coach Joyce Reynolds, one of the primary means by which a potential client, partner or employer judges a person’s competence is their communication skills. These days, almost all communication is electronic, making email etiquette more important than ever.

  • Why do buyers purchase: The 3 needs

    09/11/2014 – Kate Buhr

    Understanding why decision makers purchase will ultimately drive greater sells. There are three main reasons why people purchase: self-fulfillment needs, psychological needs, and basic needs. Being able to identify what a potential buyer defines as their “need” forms a foundation for easier and better selling.

  • Why you need to encourage innovation in your sales force

    09/08/2014 – Mari Holman

    Top business leaders such as Larry Page, Rosalind Brewer and Sir Rupert Murdoch, are visionaries in their respective industries. However, like all great managers, they recognize that their organizations’ successes rely on empowering their employees to be innovative.

  • How to empower sales reps to be successful

    09/04/2014 – Mari Holman

    “Great sales organizations – great companies – empower their sales people with knowledge” according to Dave Utorka, the Director of Sales Development.

  • Building better conversations

    09/03/2014 – Kate Buhr

    The first few moments when speaking with potential buyers can dictate how a conversation will flow. Having more conversations ultimately leads to more sales.