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  • How to be a better salesperson

    08/14/2014 – Mari Holman

    Given the rise of organizational behavior personality profiles, a number of companies are attempting to screen new sales recruits for specific traits with comprehensive tests.

  • The transition from salesperson to trusted advisor

    07/24/2014 – Kaley Kite

    What makes a good salesperson? It’s a common question amongst sales managers, and the verdict is still out on the correct answer.

  • Pioneer in the Workplace: Imagine a Million-Dollar Idea

    07/22/2014 – Savannah Fussell

    Mashable recently published the article, What Are Effective Methods for Brainstorming a Million-Dollar Idea? In it, points like going meta, combining concepts, being sensitive to pain, bringing tools to an existing problem, and adapting to changing conditions can all be found in the entrepreneurial spirit of the MultiView employee. Read the rest of the article here.

  • Workplace Happiness at MultiView and Beyond

    07/16/2014 – Mari Holman

    Any company could be described as if it were a nation – with its own distinctive culture, tastes and preferences. Organizational culture encapsulates everything from workplace lingo all the way to how employees perceive the world. MultiView is unique from many other sales organizations by the sense of positivity that it fosters in its employees and the tools it uses to do this.

  • MultiView Celebrates Every Sale

    07/14/2014 – Mari Holman

    At MultiView, every single accomplishment is celebrated, motivating employees to succeed

  • The Untapped Power of Continuing Education

    07/11/2014 – Victoria See

    In 2012, MultiView launched a game-changing continuing education program, empowering our employees as never before. We interviewed VP of Training Richard Hagen to learn more about the course offerings and what they mean for MultiView employees.

  • The Anatomy of a MultiView Sales Team

    07/10/2014 – Nathan Allen

    MultiView believes in breaking up the sales divisions into teams. These teams are living, breathing organisms that shape the culture of the company. Sales reps are carefully selected by management to be placed on teams that will have a well-balanced anatomy.

  • Traditional vs Modern Office Culture

    07/10/2014 – Nicholas Henderson

    The success of any business depends on the excellence of its employees. To reach its full potential, a business needs to attract and retain the best in the field, and encourage and enable employees to give their best efforts at work. MultiView is one company that recognizes the value of its employees. It prides itself on being a pioneer in workplace culture by supporting employees’ personal and professional growth.

  • [Infographic] The MultiView Work Structure

    07/10/2014 – Victoria See

    MultiView's flexible PTO, extra holiday time off and offset schedule give our employees a leg up on their work-life balance. We created this infographic to take a better look at it.

  • MultiView Employee Named DFW AMA’s Volunteer of the Month

    07/10/2014 – Kyndra Countryman

    Nathan Allen, Email Marketing Specialist and a MultiView employee for nearly 3 years, has been named DFW AMA's "Volunteer of the Month" for July of 2014.